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Visit to see "Calendar Girls - The Musical" -  Thursday 28 March 2019

I doubt Woking Theatre had ever seen the like before when a group from Cobham Cedar Club along with hundreds of other ladies (plus a few plucky men) recently attended a performance of "Calendar Girls - the Musical".  I expect most had seen either the film or play but it was good to experience a different "take" on the amazing, heart-warming story of  how a small village community in Yorkshire rallied together to raise funds for the Leukaemia Research Fund and became a worldwide sensation, to date raising 5 million from the simple beginnings of a risque calendar.

The first act was a little slow but then the humour started to shine through with great songs like "I've had a little work done" from the lady with the "boob job" and the single mum, daughter of the vicar, belting out the rebellious altar carol, "Who wants a silent night" whilst standing on the piano stool.

It was amusing to watch how the various personalities reacted to the idea of a nude calendar and eventually were persuaded to participate.  Whilst i am not sure this idea will catch on in Cobham, all W.I. ladies will appreciate the spirit of. fun and friendship, even if it gently mocked our worthy association.

Calendar Girls the Programme 2019