Life at Cobham Cedar Club

So what will you be doing next Thursday morning?  At Cobham Cedar Club WI we shall be:

We are also rather good at sewing, cooking, debating and oh,all right making jam!

Becoming a Member

If you would like to become a Member come along to the next meeting and ask for an application form, or you can attend as a guest.

So come and join us - we are 65 women of all ages and from all walks of life, and we would love to welcome you

.A fine specimen

Cobham Cedar Club WI is the sole surviving WI in Cobham, the product of Cobham Village, which folded in 2005, and Cobham Evening, which ran until 2016. Known as Cobham Morning in early 1990, by September we had chosen the name Cedar Club WI, with the tree as an emblem to signify growth. 

Informality was the watchword. Meetings were held in The Old Bear pub – a revolutionary venue, unique in Surrey at the time, which intrigued SFWI (they sent an inspector to check us). Several babies were in attendance, and there was no jam or singing of Jerusalem. Today we have mellowed, and more traditional ways have crept in. Our easygoing friendliness is often remarked upon but, with our burgeoning membership, our pub days are over.

‘Friendship is a sheltering tree’ (Coleridge)

In 1946 Cobham Village WI planted the Avenue of Remembrance of flowering cherries on Tilt Common, to commemorate those from Cobham killed in action in WWII. In keeping with that tradition, on a wet morning in November 1993, clutching mugs of warming mulled wine, we planted our very own cedar tree. Sadly it did not survive. In 2012 we tried again, with an oak tree for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, on the Tilt outside The Running Mare. So far it is thriving.

WI Tree Planting 002

Roots and branches

As we looked through past minutes to write this, we were struck by the depth of continuity. Founding members are still with us 28 years on - some kept Cedar Club going in difficult times. There are always fundraisers for local charities, companionable outings and lunches, support for the bereaved, interesting speakers. And there are always celebrations, of our milestones and those of the wider community – the Olympics, the Queen, and of course the WI. 

This article appeared in the Looklocal magazine May 2019.

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